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  • Alexey Brodovitch

    Alexey Brodovitch

    Alexey Brodovitch became art director at Harper’s Bazaar Magazine in 1934, where he continued to work until 1958. Being a Russian émigré, Brodovitch was not afraid to use work of European artists such as Man Ray, Salvador Dali, and A.M. Cassandre in Bazaar Magazine. By the 1950s white space was the hallmark of the Brodovitch…

  • Willy Fleckhaus

    Willy Fleckhaus

    Willy Fleckhaus is known for his avant-garde visuals, layouts, and typography. He was associated with the birth of the magazine “Twen” in 1959. The magazine was published from 1959-1970, and was geared toward the first generation of German adults who came of age after World War II. The magazine combined deepened political and intellectual thought…

  • The Story of a Viewbook

    The Story of a Viewbook

    The world of education if getting more and more competitive–rising costs, fewer applicants. More than ever admissions offices are seeking innovative ways to reach their prospective students through social media, web, recruitment. It can be safely said that the school’s website is a primary resource for prospective students. So what is the role of print?…

  • Nobles Magazine: An iPad Case Study

    Nobles Magazine: An iPad Case Study

    One of the primary goals of alumni publications is to keep their community engaged with their school. With approximately 30 million tablet devices in the U.S. alone; 20 billion APPs downloaded in 2012; and over 300 magazines in the Apple Store publishing on a tablet device needs to be part of the publication strategy for…

  • Q & A with Eric Mongeon, Creative Director at MIT Technology Review

    Q & A with Eric Mongeon, Creative Director at MIT Technology Review

    On November 6, the latest issue of MIT Technology Review hit the newsstands. The print edition is the last piece of a larger content delivery re-envisioning focused on a “digital first” model. It is a much different publication than the one I art-directed from my studio from 1998 to 2000. Here we discuss the new…

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