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  • One Cover, 10 Ways

    One Cover, 10 Ways

    One could argue that the cover of a magazine is its most important feature—even more important than the editorial and interior design—because in a brief moment it has to entice a reader to pick it up and read it. For years, editors and art directors have explored ways to create memorable covers. This fall, one…

  • Can’t Judge a Reader by the Book Cover

    Can’t Judge a Reader by the Book Cover

    You there! What are you reading? Unfortunately in the brave new world of digital publishing, I’ll never know. Gone are the days of my favorite pastime: judging my fellow morning commuters based on what they are reading. I used to have a window into a reader’s world based solely on their literary choices. Now I…

  • Fred Woodward

    Fred Woodward

    In 1987 Fred Woodward became the art director of the venerable music magazine, Rolling Stone. Prior to landing his dream job he designed for D Magazine in Dallas, Westward, the Sunday magazine of the Dallas Times Herald, Texas Monthly, and Regardie’s. Mr. Woodward art directed Rolling Stone until 2001 when he moved on to art…

  • George Lois

    George Lois

    From 1962 to 1972 AIGA Gold Medalist, George Lois, art directed some of the most recognizable magazine covers for Esquire magazine. His tenure started off with a knock-out — The Floyd Patterson knock-out. On his website, Mr. Lois retells the story of the cover creation and the impact it had on the culture. His vision…

  • Alumni Magazines On WordPress

    Alumni Magazines On WordPress

    When many people think of the term “blog” they tend to envision a personal journal. But today blogging platforms have expanded into a much broader use, ranging from school websites to online publications. With a built-in Content Management System and templated design capabilities they can be an excellent, cost effective way to develop an interactive…

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