Hustle. The first issue of 48hr magazine.

The 48 Hour Experiment

Hustle. The first issue of 48hr magazine.
Hustle. The first issue of 48hr magazine.

The first issue of 48HR magazine is out. If you’re not familiar with this new publication, it’s a magazine experiment that takes advantage of the immediacy of digital technology in order to write, design, produce and print a publication in 48 hours.

The team is made up of magazine staffers from some well-known publications like Wired, GOOD and Rolling Stone with over 1500 submissions from contributors around the world. The theme “Hustle” was announced on May 7. The contributors, anybody who signed-up online, had 24 hours to submit content. The production staff then had 24 hours to put to the pages together and get it to MagCloud, the on-demand printer and partial sponsor of the project.

You can order your very own copy of Issue 0 from the MagCloud website for the low price of $10.00. Check out the 48HR magazine website to stay current with this project.





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