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  • Alexey Brodovitch

    Alexey Brodovitch

    Alexey Brodovitch became art director at Harper’s Bazaar Magazine in 1934, where he continued to work until 1958. Being a Russian émigré, Brodovitch was not afraid to use work of European artists such as Man Ray, Salvador Dali, and A.M. Cassandre in Bazaar Magazine. By the 1950s white space was the hallmark of the Brodovitch […]

  • Willy Fleckhaus

    Willy Fleckhaus

    Willy Fleckhaus is known for his avant-garde visuals, layouts, and typography. He was associated with the birth of the magazine “Twen” in 1959. The magazine was published from 1959-1970, and was geared toward the first generation of German adults who came of age after World War II. The magazine combined deepened political and intellectual thought […]

  • Fred Woodward

    Fred Woodward

    In 1987 Fred Woodward became the art director of the venerable music magazine, Rolling Stone. Prior to landing his dream job he designed for D Magazine in Dallas, Westward, the Sunday magazine of the Dallas Times Herald, Texas Monthly, and Regardie’s. Mr. Woodward art directed Rolling Stone until 2001 when he moved on to art […]

  • George Lois

    George Lois

    From 1962 to 1972 AIGA Gold Medalist, George Lois, art directed some of the most recognizable magazine covers for Esquire magazine. His tenure started off with a knock-out — The Floyd Patterson knock-out. On his website, Mr. Lois retells the story of the cover creation and the impact it had on the culture. His vision […]