Sports Illustrated tablet magazine concept

Sports Illustrated Gets Ready for NextGen E-Readers

Time, Inc. released this video of a prototype e-reader scenario for their Sports Illustrated publication. There are the usual kinds of interactions of flipping to move through the pages and pinching to resize images. I particularly like the book-map interface that allows the reader/user to rearrange the order of the articles. This is design in the hands of the audience. The book-map can always be returned to the editor’s version.

A football video plays as the issue is launched and comes to a freeze-frame cropping of the athlete to transition into the cover composition. From there the user can find content via an interactive table of contents, including every guy’s favorite part of SI, the swimsuit issue, which is enhanced with audio and video.

The prototype for the next generation of digital e-readers is a collaboration between Time, Inc. and The Wonderfactory.






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