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  • The 48 Hour Experiment

    The 48 Hour Experiment

    The first issue of 48HR magazine is out. If you’re not familiar with this new publication, it’s a magazine experiment that takes advantage of the immediacy of digital technology in order to write, design, produce and print a publication in 48 hours. The team is made up of magazine staffers from some well-known publications like…

  • Comic Book Covers as Other Publications

    Comic Book Covers as Other Publications

    One of the design aspects of magazines from the past that I miss is the minimal treatment of the cover. The work of George Lois for Esquire is a clear example. The covers communicated a clear message with a well-directed photo or illustration and minimal type, if any. That is certainly not the case with…

  • The Wired iPad

    The Wired iPad

    Since it first starting publishing in January 1993, Wired magazine has been breaking ground with regards to the design of the publication. I remember picking up the latest issue at Nini’s corner in Harvard Square — I couldn’t wait to see what metallic or florescent ink popped off the cover. It was exciting. And so…

  • Bonnier’s Digital Magazine

    Bonnier’s Digital Magazine

    This concept video for the digital magazine of the future makes me wish the future was here. I hope we don’t see many more magazines die (R.I.P I.D.) before this kind of publication is available. The video, Mag+, is a nice presentation of design thinking, visualized through the use of wireframes, and user experience in…

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