Bonnier tablet magazine concept

Bonnier’s Digital Magazine

This concept video for the digital magazine of the future makes me wish the future was here. I hope we don’t see many more magazines die (R.I.P I.D.) before this kind of publication is available. The video, Mag+, is a nice presentation of design thinking, visualized through the use of wireframes, and user experience in the context of everyday reading scenarios, created with additional video segments.

The interactions are similar to movements you see in iPhone apps, but the use of rub to reveal an additional level of interface is new to the editorial game. Another new design consideration is the implementation of focus/blur as a way to indicate background information. This provides the user with information about supplementary content, particularly images. The issue of scope of content is always a concern with digital content and the researchers of this prototype separate viewed and non-viewed content at the top of the screen with a series of lines. It’s unclear if this is supposed to be a graphic representation of text or if it will to be the actual headlines of the articles.

The video was created by Bonnier and their design partner, Berg. If Bonnier lives up to their tagline, “to continuously reinvent the art of publishing,” we just might see their video move from concept to product.






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